Best in class vendor relationship management.

VersoTech Revolve provides truth and trust in every transaction, to massively reduce the time required in issuing purchase orders.

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We've put together a comprehensive set of tools to reduce paperwork, standardize processes, and drastically reduce the time it takes to process purchase orders.

Collaborative Formulary

A consistent source of truth for what’s approved, and what is its price.

Mobile Device Barcode Scanner

Reps can add items to a Purchase Order on their mobile device using their smartphone camera.

Consistent EHR Data

Provides an export for all major medical records systems, so that nurse implant records match your purchase orders.

Lawson Integration

One at a time, or weeks in a batch, push orders straight into Lawson with no data entry.

Formulary Only Items

Items must come from the collaborative formulary, or be flagged for non payment.

Real Time Implant Collection

Implant Data is collected and submitted in real time.